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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Here we go.

Friends, knitting and coffee or tea, or smoothies for that matter.

J, we have been together for eleven years, I can hardly believe it.

Audio books, allows me to knit or clean house and still enjoy a good "listen".

Fall is just around the corner. I'll be thankful for this every week for a while.

Classes start again next week, I'm thankful I have this opportunity, even when it causes me stress.

My family, crazy thought they make me, and are themselves.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Belated Vacation Stuff

I'm sorry this is so overdue, but here it is. Virginia was beautiful, it made me want to pack up and move to the mountains. This might be a problem as it seems the area economy is based on tourists and cows. I haven't seen so many cows in one area that wasn't Young's Dairy.

We went to Staunton, home of On the Lamb, which was delightful. The owner, Joe, is wicked smart, he'll talk your ear off. I can see why the local knitters love this shop, the staff makes you feel like a friend.

The other big trip was to Monticello. They run a well organized machine to get people in and out and protect the history of the place. Our guide was old enough to have been there with Jefferson, the perfect man to know all the ins and outs. The tour included Jefferson's office, family room, and dining area. It was at this point that the fire alarm went off and the building had to be evacuated. I was pretty disappointed, but such is life. We walked around the grounds and saw the gardens. The plants are all labeled, either from Jefferson's planting journal or brought back by Lewis and Clark. Jefferson's home was sold after his death, so the fact that it is so well restored and detailed is pretty impressive.

The condo we stayed at was backed up to a golf course, which got in the way of our views a bit.
Here is a pic from an overlook farther up the mountains. We were staying in the developed area you see in the middle.

It was a beautiful area and I would love to see in when the leaves are changing.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dear Knitting Gods

I'm not feeling the love here. What have I done to offend you so? I buy nice yarn, I select beautiful projects, to be a Fearless, but not overreaching Knitter. I select a size based on the body I have, not the one I want. Yet, here I am, three projects over the last few months that make me want to cry. First, my felted bag that you saw fit to punch holes in while I wasn't looking. I accepted your will and sewed up your holes. I carried my bag with pride, on vacation and to Knit Night. Then there was my Lace Leaf hat, in the soft and shiny pink yarn. The lace pattern challenged me, I spent hours counting and checking watching the pattern unfold in it's elegant glory. Only to try it on and realize too late that it swallowed my head like an angry pink monster. Once more I understood I had wronged you in some way. I set the pink monster aside and moved on to the Ballet Camisole. I already had the yarn in mmy stash, Knit Picks Shine Sport. Surely this was a good sign of glorious knitting to come. After some struggle to purchase a size six circular needle I cast on. A struggle I now see was your way of working through your minion at a certain yarn store. I defied your evil intentions and continued knitting, I checked gauge and was spot on. My love for the project was so complete that it was the only thing I brought to knit for an entire week. I never regretted it. I knit happily along while chatting with friends, gazing at the mountains and cheering the Olympians. It wasn't until I returned home that trouble truly began. First, it was a hole that was discovered to be a dropped stitch and unraveling weird loop made by a new ball of yarn. With much gnashing of teeth I fought you and fixed this hole to the best of my abilities, consulting my friends for support and advice. After this disaster I studied my work, a fear beginning to form. It looked, well, huge. I denied this though and continued for a few more days. Then I began to measure and my fears grew. I struggled to try on the cami, while still on the needles, hoping no one would come to the door while I was trapped in my knitting. How could it be so big? How! I checked the gauge again, realizing how long it had been. Vacation had relaxed me far too much. My once spot on stitches were now a stitch and a half too big. Then I begin a Ravelry search that would have been my first move, had I realized how far I have gone from the warmth of your blessing. Ah, I see you have sent the beloved Shine Sport down to curse other knitters before. They too have struggled to make the Ballet Camisole fit and flatter. I feel less alone, but no less cursed.

I return to the land of Frog with a heavy and unsure heart. How can I please such a fickle god who claims to love and only curses?

Your humble, if disheartened knitting servant.

P.S. If you keep this up, I will be forced to worship the more kind gods of crochet.
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10 Positive Things

I have pictures to post from vacation, but other than that I'm feeling more introspective and less bloggy. (yes, that is a word, because I said it is)

So here is an expansion of Thankful Thursday.

1 Summer is coming to an end, leading to the best time of the year and prime knitting. With a ton of new knitting friends I'm looking forward to all the cozy evenings spent together. Plus, Fall/Winter are the best times for comfort food cooking.

2 Last night there was an incident involving something ucky (Molly related) that could have led to J and me being crabby, but instead we laughed about it, a big step and good parenting practice.

3 I just finished a really good book (Baby Proof) and a harder to stick with one that made me glad I pushed through and finished it (Love in the Time of Cholera)

4 I lost my pretty little row marker at Boston Stoker on Sunday. I called and they had found it for me! When I went in to get it the girl knew who I was, which gave me a whole Cheers vibe.

5 I can afford things like a gym membership and a drink on Sundays. I hope that doesn't sound braggy, I just know there are people who can't do those things and I've been one of those people before.

6 Molly and J, so they both annoy me, a lot, sometimes, but I love them.

7 I have two knitting books waiting for me at the library.

8 I spent last week in Va, which was beautiful.

9 I don't live in a place named Fraisers Bottom. Everyone there had beards down to their bellies, even the women.

10 Watching Shaun Johnson win the gold last night. I cried like she was my own, yes I'm a dork. Her parents joy was overwhelming.
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Journey Proud"

This is the phrase J's grandma uses to describe the excitement and anticipation associated with travel. I was curious to see if others were familiar with this word, so I Googled it. Imagine my surprise to find Urban Dictionary's definition; " Becoming constipated while traveling away from home and all the conveniences of your own toilet." Huh, I didn't know that particular affliction had a name.

So I'm packing and planning and printing directions and doing all the things associated with travel. We leave in the morning, although not at the ungodly early hour of my past family vacations. I'll be staying here and hopefully visiting here and if I'm lucky here. The sheep farm makes me wish I was going with other knitters. We may also make a trip to Monticello.

I always obsess when packing and the added joy of knitting has thrown a whole new wrench into that. I don't want to take up precious suitcase real estate with stuff I won't use, but what if I run out of yarn? I'm bringing the Ballet Camisole and honestly I think it will be enough. I've enjoyed knitting it so much, the yarn is lovely and flows well and the pattern is simple with only increases and decreases to keep me awake. I worry less about what books to bring, since at least three other readers will be there to share what they finish. I'm bringing Love in the Time of Cholera and Baby Proof. I also have the audio version of The Other Boleyn Girl, I think this will be a good in the car distraction.

Ugg, I'm sure as usual I'm packing too much.
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Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday Fill In

1. If I could travel back in time, I'd go to __the late 70's and meet my parents before they had me________.

2. Give me ____love______ or give me __death________.

3. I am listening to __Neil Boortz________.

4. Somewhere, someone is thinking ____something dirty______.

5. I'll always be ______myself, good and bad____.

6. My idea of a good time includes __knitting or shopping, even better if it's shopping for yarn________.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to __relaxing_with J__, tomorrow my plans include __seeing Batman again___ and Sunday, I want to _knit with my friends____!
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