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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

                                                        Grace at six months
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Story Time at the Apollo

I took Grace to story time at the library today. It was my first "mom" activity and I was nervous. It was a bad night and the appeal of cuddling in bed all morning was huge. I resisted, showered at 6:30 and nudged my little duckling away from the breast and more sleep. I put her in a girlie outfit, since, well, my daughter looks like a boy and wondered what 'mommies" are supposed to wear to such things. I opted for a button down and cords.

We were the second to arrive, the first was a little boy and his grandma. My fear was it would be all grandmas. I feel like the only person at home all day. Grace had a name tag, how cute! We settled in and chatted a little with grandma. After a few minutes another mom and little girl came in. Yay, someone my age! Grace snuggled in my lap and watched the other kids toddle around, chewing on her fingers and keeping quiet. A little later three more moms came in with some little ones closer to Graces age. We sang songs and and the librarian read books. And it was fun.Yeah I didn't know all the words and I couldn't see the board. Ha, it's like being back at school, but it was ok. Grace was a shy little angel.

I was getting us bundled back up when I noticed the other moms chatting. I sucked it up and went to join them. They are sweet and enthusiastic. Everyone has the same goal, getting out of the house with other adults. I can get behind this if I can put my shyness aside. It reminded me of the first night of knitting, strangers with one love in common. I haven't traded my love of yarn for my love of Grace, but I need to work with this new part of my life.

Grace fell asleep in the car and slept for over an hour. Maybe we both need to expand the walls of the little nest we both love. .
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