Striped Toe Socks

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday-The Birthday Edition

I was afraid I would be sad today, after last year I didn't want to face this day or tomorrow. I'm not though. My Mom is here. She isn't bleeding internally in the ICU like she was last year. She is here, alive and healthy and in my life every day. I lost my baby the day after my birthday last year. That will always be in my heart and I'm sure I will always think of it around this time, but today at least I'm not broken. Even though we don't have a baby yet, I'm still hopeful and happy. What more can I ask for?

Oh yeah, and I had cake.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Storm Clouds

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

I made bread.

I find something fascinating about the process.

Perhaps you will to.

There were margaritas

And a fire

And lots of silliness

It was awesome
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Weekly Thoughts

~Have lost my knitting mojo. I went to BS with Lisa last night and got all of about four rows done. My new goal is to have J's socks done by the HP movie premiere in July. That's one and a half socks in about three months. I should be able to handle that.

~Feel like a total loser for dropping my Poly Sci class in a moment of panic. But a bored low stress loser with cleaner closets.

~At Lisa's encouragement started a TTC blog

~Work is making me insane, no, my boss is making me insane.

~Looking forward to Martini Night.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Falling Out of Love

A couple in our family has recently separated. They have been married four or five years and have a small son. The man left his wife for a coworker, lovely. I don't know them well, so only feel sad for them in that distant way. It did prompt me to think about why though. One answer came to mind, probably a simplistic answer, considering I know next to nothing about the situation and considering that nothing in life as complex as a marriage falling apart can be as simplistic as one answer.

He fell out of love with his wife.

No one told him that he wouldn't always, every day, love her. Maybe it was her focus on their baby and not him. Whatever the reason, or not, he turned that love to someone else.

We are friends with lots of young twenty somethings. Most of them are friends Alex has grown up with and have become our friends as well. They often seek us out for advice on their relationships. We try to tell them things we have learned in our seven years of marriage and things we have learned from our parents 30+ plus years. Here they are in a tiny list.

~Marriage is hard, that doesn't mean it was the wrong choice or that it won't be good again.

~You won't always feel the same way about each other, one of you may not "feel" that love all the time. Hang in there.

~Life is unexpected, harder and different and beautiful and devastating in ways you can't begin to imagine. It just is, cling to each other and face that together, not apart, not with someone else.

Simple and hard and so worth it.
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Im back from Chicago, which was awesome. The best part was just being together. Our family has been through a lot, together and individually and I'm sure we will go through more, that's just the way life is. It still amazes me that we are stronger and love and even enjoy each other. Ok, it wasn't all fun, we got on each others nerves at times. The bad thing was that Chrissy got sick, so we ened up not doing as much as we had planned. One of the things that didn't get done was going to the yarn store. It was out of the way and had nothing around it. It's too bad, but with the UVFF in a few weeks I don't mind being ahead in the saving department.

I'm thankful for:

~Time away and to relax.

~Being home again. I'm getting old, coming home is as good as being away.

~J, he did something so thoughtful and unexpected.

~Back on Happy Pills!

Watching the last ep of ER, another reason I feel old.
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