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Thursday, March 18, 2010

We Grow 'Em Big 'Round Here

Everything with the ultrasound was great. The kidneys are working, which grossed my Dad out when he realized what that meant. But where does the pee go? The heart looks perfect, everything flowing the right way. The brain is growing and I'm sure the child will be a genius. All good, big sigh of happy relief.

So yesterday when the nurse from my OBs office called I was thrown right away. Thankfully she started off with, everything looks great with the baby. Ok, then why are you calling me? Did they mention the baby is kind of big? No, I only heard words like perfect.

Turns out I'm growing a Giant Baybee, in the 80th percentile. Yay, good for me! Not exactly, it could be a sign of the fear that has lurked in the back of mind, gestational diabetes. The doctor is going to bump up my glucose test from 24-28 weeks, to 22. Two weeks of delcicious sugar eating for me. If I pass it this time I will repeat it in a few months. In six weeks I'll get another ultrasound to see how huge my Giant Baybee has gotten. More peeks at the inside, well ok, if you insist. The nurse also said the baby may have just had a growth spurt, so we shall wait and see.

The idea that I may not be able to eat cake at my shower or for my birthday is quietly heartbreaking. But worth it in the end.

Someone will bring me cake at the hospital, right?
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Monday, March 15, 2010

19 Weeks and Counting

I can't believe how quickly the time is flying by. I know that sounds like a complete cliche, but wow, I'll be five months this week. Tomorrow is the Big Ultrasound. Despite of Lisa's diligent campaigning, we are not finding out the gender.

When I hear about other people on the Due in August group on Rav finding out what they are having I do feel a little jealous, but most of the time I don't mind. And sometimes I do. I also realize it's just the beginning of parenting negotiations. Coming together with different sets of ideas and family history is all part of raising a child together.

I have been anxiously awaiting any movement from the Little One. I thought I felt something a few weeks ago, but then nothing, so I guess not. The last few days though there has been something going on. The fact that it is consistent and not associated with other tummy rumblings makes me think it might be for real this time.

My parents are coming with us tomorrow. Their excitement fills me with such joy. J and I are nervous and excited and worried and any other number of emotions, but for them it is pure happiness. The baby is part of them, a concrete person that they can't wait to meet. For me it is still in the abstract. Their love enhances my own. That's the way family should be, each generation being blessed by the love of all the people who have gone before them.
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