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Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Journey Proud"

This is the phrase J's grandma uses to describe the excitement and anticipation associated with travel. I was curious to see if others were familiar with this word, so I Googled it. Imagine my surprise to find Urban Dictionary's definition; " Becoming constipated while traveling away from home and all the conveniences of your own toilet." Huh, I didn't know that particular affliction had a name.

So I'm packing and planning and printing directions and doing all the things associated with travel. We leave in the morning, although not at the ungodly early hour of my past family vacations. I'll be staying here and hopefully visiting here and if I'm lucky here. The sheep farm makes me wish I was going with other knitters. We may also make a trip to Monticello.

I always obsess when packing and the added joy of knitting has thrown a whole new wrench into that. I don't want to take up precious suitcase real estate with stuff I won't use, but what if I run out of yarn? I'm bringing the Ballet Camisole and honestly I think it will be enough. I've enjoyed knitting it so much, the yarn is lovely and flows well and the pattern is simple with only increases and decreases to keep me awake. I worry less about what books to bring, since at least three other readers will be there to share what they finish. I'm bringing Love in the Time of Cholera and Baby Proof. I also have the audio version of The Other Boleyn Girl, I think this will be a good in the car distraction.

Ugg, I'm sure as usual I'm packing too much.
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