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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30 Days of Photos

Far be it from me to see a bandwagon I didn't want on, so I'm jumping on the 30 day photo challenge. I doubt my days will all be in a row, but I would like to finish it eventually.

Day one:a photo of yourself and ten facts

This photo was taken on the day of Js (college) graduation as I was walking out the door.

1) I've known my husband since high school. We road the bus together and I couldn't stand him for the first year I knew him. But the boy/man perservered and here we are, nine years of marriage and one daughter later.

2) I'm legally blind and have been since birth. I have a hard time with distance and I'm partly color blind. I never know how to tell new people this without feeling awkward. Sometimes it's really hard, but other times it doesn't matter and I feel thankful for the MANY things I can do. It's hard to be thirty years old and still wish to just feel "normal".

3) I'm addicted to technology. I can't go more than ten minutes without checking my email. Having an iPhone has made this ten times worse.

4) I used to be really into make up and nail polish and have, in the last couple months, rekindled that love. I would probably be a make up artist if not for number two.

5) I'm painfully awful at math.

6) I'm shy and find making new friends difficult.

7) I love going to new places, but I always get nervous right before I leave.

8) I don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but I LOVE being a mother and am happy doing that for now.

9) My brother and I never got along growing up. We are five years apart and always competed for our moms attention. Now we are the best of friends.

10) I love studying history. My favorite part of learning about the past is the mundane, day to day way of life and the experiences of those who lived it.

Ahhhh, so thankful to be able to hand Ladybug to her Daddy and spend some time with the laptop.
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I always love these "10 things about myself" posts! I love your comment about history - that's exactly what I love too! not so much the politics, but the little details about how life was different! and you totally shouldn't feel bad about your eyesight - I can't think of a single person, even a jerky one, who'd say "whaat? she doesn't see well? that's IT - i don't want to talk to her anymore!" it's silliness Ginny! oh, by the way, you're behind on your 30 days of photos! :)

March 5, 2011 at 6:26 PM  

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