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Monday, April 14, 2008

Fear and Faith is not about believing in a specific outcome but rather faith is about trusting that everything will be alright regardless of the outcome....

I''ve never been good at not worrying, I try, but I'm just not. I'm worrying tonight and I can't sleep. So I'm watching Comedy Central, which is less than funny and trying to think about other things.

So other things. I went to a new Knit NIght tonight and it was awesome. I think the group has a lot of potential and I think I made a new friend, and hopefully more soon. I do wonder if I'm a very easliy distracted knitter though as I struggled through ribbing and still managed to screw it up. I had am awkward moment when I went to pull it all out and do it over only to be met with gasps of horror, oops. I'm just not a good fixer yet, I'm a better doer-overer. (yes, its a made up word) Overall it was good though and I'd like to go back next week.

Sorry, still no pics.

P.S. If you missed Christopher Walken on SNL last week go to NBCs website and watch some of the skits, Googly Eyes Gardner and Meet the Family are hilarious.
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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Advancing on the CPH and more ramblings

I finished the back of the CPH. I'll take pics of it in the daylight tomorrow and figure out how to post them. I've been enjoying Ravelery, (and spending way too much time there) it's fun to make knitting friends after a year of lonely knits and purls and struggling to figure things out on my own. I'm afraid it's too small though, I may rip back the front and make that next size up for that, or add width at the button band. The back looks good, maybe I'm just being paranoid.

I'm watching South Park while I right this. It's been hit or miss this season. Ghost Hunters tonight was filmed at our very own Wright Pat AFB. It was cool and creepy. Half way through we heard this shifting dishes noise from the kitchen, just added to the mood. Ah, a singing penis on South Park, of course that makes sense. Lewis Black is trying Paris Hilton vs Dick Cheney, I can't pick which one is worse. This show cracks me up.

Ok, pics coming tomorrow.
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Beginnings

It's finally starting to feel like Spring outside and I feel brighter inside also. For me that means adding some new activities, more time outside with Molly, and I joined a gym. The workouts are going pretty well so far. I've been going three times a week, this will be a little harder next week when my gym buddy is out of town. Said buddy is my Mom and we are good partners, we engage in a lot of silliness and that makes it more fun.

I've been thinking about habits lately, the good and bad kind. You can make yourself get into the habit of something, such as working out. There are lots of bad habits in the world, we all know what those are. Another good habit I'm working on is keeping the house neat and not letting all the "stuff" get in the way. Once you are used to not doing something or even being with someone, it's hard to get used to it again. I think that can be true with people, it's often easy for me to hide in my comfy zone and not put myself out in the world. I want to work on this. I'm planning to find a knitting group that works for me. A place where I can feel comfortable, that isn't hard to get to or at a time that is hard to work around.

Another habit I want to work on is this blog. I pretend that I do it for me, but that's only partly true. I want others to read and comment on it. To do that I need to keep it updated and appealing.

So there it is, what new habits are you working on?
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