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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 2

Day two is the person you have been close to the longest.

My family has been friends with the Wilson family since I was a few months old. We were neighbors on Craig Dr, and although the Wilsons have moved many times, spending the last twenty years in Lexington, we have kept in touch.

For most of that time, while growing up, we vacationed together every year. We went to the beach a few times, two of those times involved hurricanes. The island we were staying on had a voluntary evacuation. My Dad watched the lines of cars camped out on the highway with coolers, waiting for traffic to move and decided we were staying, darn it! So we did. There were high winds for a day or so. The sand stung our legs like needles, so we opted for the pool. My Dad, ever the boy at heart, rigged up an umbrella to his bicycle and rode the wind all down the beach. What he didn't think about was how hard it would be riding against that same wind on the way back. The restaurants were empty and lots of things were closed, but we still had tons of fun with the beach to ourselves.

Most of the trips we took were to a cottage on a small lake in Michigan. The house was a small Cape Cod on the top of a wooded hill overlooking a small lake. The lake was just the right size to allow our parents to see us no matter where we were on it. This gave us kids a ton of freedom to explore in the paddle boats. There were "sunken ships", and strange neighbors, and the no mans land of across the lake. The best part was at night when my Dad would pile all of kids in the car and we would take long, slow drives around the heavily wooden road surrounding the lake. He would turn the corners and kill the headlights to terrify us. We loved every screaming second!

                                          Karen, Aaron, Jessie and John at Aaron's graduation from the police academy.

We are all grown up now, three of us are married, two with kids of our own. I most recently saw the Wilson parents at Christmas time. We sat around my parents living room and laughed. They played with my daughter and told us stories about their three granddaughters. I'm not as close to Jessie and Aaron as our parents were at our age, but the bond remains. We love each other, and I hope they cherish these memories as much as I do. 
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