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Monday, August 17, 2009

A is for Acupuncture

I have been doing acupuncture for two months now. Since it is for fertility I have three sessions the first ten days of my cycle. I thought I should spend a little time describing it and the effects it's had for me.

The clinic I go to is two thirds Zen spa atmosphere and one third clinic. It is a small staff consisting of the acupuncturist, Stacy and three assistants/general office staff. I have never before encountered women who work together in such seeming peace and harmony. Perhaps it's all a sham put up for the clientele, but if it is they are doing an excellent job. I have to personally credit Stacy for the environment, she exudes positive, confident energy. I will miss her terribly once I am pregnant and no longer seeking her treatments.

I begin the sessions by undressing to my undies and bra and laying face up on a massage like table. I am covered by a towel at this point. Stacy and one of the assistants come in to set me up. Stacy inserts the needles, first one in the top of my head and one in my forehead. Then she begins with my feet, a few near the toes, on in the ankle and then she moves up the leg, I usually have two-three in each leg and one in each inner wrist. Lastly she inserts the needles in my stomach and upper pelvic area. Some of them hurt more than others as they go, but really the pain is no worse than say tweezing your eyebrows. The assitant then wires the groups of needles together and goes section by section running a low voltage through them. At each interval I tell her at what level I begin to feel the electricity. It feels like a tiny thrumming under my skin. It's not painful, if it is she backs it down to a comfortable level, but it is an odd sensation. I am then covered by a blanket and music is turned on and lights out. I lie here for 25 minutes. Sometimes I become relaxed enough that I feel like my body is heavy or that I am floating and weightless. I know they sound like opposite feelings, but both are somehow peaceful.

When I visited a spa a few months back with my Mom I had a very difficult time doing nothing when I was supposed to be relaxing. I think I'm getting better at it now. I am practicing my own mindful relaxation. I can't push all the thoughts out of my head like some people, but I have developed a "happy place" I can go to and find relaxation

The assistant then comes in, turns off the current and removes all the needles. I don't feel anything when they are removed. Afterward, I feel relaxed, positive and energized. After a particularly bad day I had a session and my entire mood changed.

Beyond a clear improvement in anxiety and depression I can't say for sure what physical things have improved. Last cycle I had a cyst and by this cycle it was small enough to go ahead with infertility treatment. This cycle I had well developed follicles, but I also took Clomid, so that was what was supposed to happen. What I can say is that I have and will continue to recommend acupuncture to my friends and family. It is expensive, but I think worth looking into. Cost aside I would happily go once a week.
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Friday, August 7, 2009

What Are You Reading?

I've been finally out of my reading (and knitting) slump. Despite all the stress lately having the normal things I love back in my life have really helped.

Here are some books I've been reading

Prayers For Sale, this takes place during the Depression, a time period I find fascinating, those people had some balls and smarts to get through that. It's about an old woman and a young woman who become friends over their love for quilting. Great story telling.

The Guernsey Lieray and Potato Peel Pie Society, Emily and I discovered this at the same and she loaned me her copy. I want to buy my own at some point so I can reread it. I was hesitant to read it because it's written in letter form and I was afraid it would be difficult to become attached to the charactors that way, I was wrong.

Blindsighted, I am reluctant to include this book in a list of recommendations, but here it is. This book is about the search for a violent serial rapist, there are details of the violence, it's gut wrenching. The charactors are flawed and fascinating. This is the first in a series, I haven't geared myself up to read the next one, but I'm still thinking about the people and that's good writing to me.

Outlander, a repeat reading of the series before the next one comes out in September. Time travel, sex, romance, violence, rape, history, love, pissing matches, it's got it all.

How about you?
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