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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I often have the same things on this list, family and friends, and Molly. I will always have them on my list, but I'm trying to expand to include smaller things. These thing often seem like they should go on the in my head version of a things that make me happy list, but what should I be thankful for if not the things that make me happy? Or is the point to be thankful for everything even when I don't understand why? In The Hiding Place, a book I read in school and later on my own, Corrie Ten Boom talks about being in Ravensbruck, a concentration camp in Germany. The bunks were infested with fleas and Corrie, through her faith, thanked God for the fleas, not knowing why, but trusting there was a reason. She later learned that those fleas kept the guards out of the rooms, keeping the women much safer and allowing her to share her faith with others. I am by no means that strong in faith or character, but that part of her story still stands out to me.

Corrie Ten Boom in her later years

This is one of those posts that got away from me and became something else entirely.

I'm thankful for:
~A clean soft bed to cuddle, read and make love in
~That my mind holds the capacity to learn and my heart to expand and love
~The weather this week and the cold winter to come
~The holidays
~Socks that I made and future socks others will stay warm in because of my hands and skill
~Having enough
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