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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Knitting Christmas Gifts/Grandma's non Birhtday

I feel alittle shy about this. It's as if I'm making someone enjoy knitwear by giving it to them. Tjat's pretty silly though, since the people I am thinking of knitting for, with the exception of my mother in law, don't need and think everything I make is wonderful and magical. I want to keep it to smallish things, socks, cowls, my Mom wants a hat. It also means yarn shopping, yay! This would also be family budgeted since it is for gifts, not just from my personal spending fund. I hadn't given my MIL much thought, since she knits, but she very sweetly and shyly asked me tonight if I would make her something.

In other news and thoughts of the day. Yesterday was my Grandma's birhtday, not today like Mom thought. Grandma was born in a cabin in the hills of KY 87 yrs ago, and apparently the midwife wasn't paying too close attention to the clock. For her first fifty years Grandma thought her birthday was the 8th, but when she began collection Social Security she discovered her legal birthday was the 9th. I also think she mizes it up every year to confuse us. I got her my now standard gift, scratch off lottery tickets. She loves them and often wins small amounts of money. I get a cut if she hits it big.

Woo hoo! I wasn't sure I was going to make it today before midnight.
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