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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello Second Trimester!

Wow, the weeks are just flying along. Tomorrow is the (un)official start of the second trimester. I won't get the final results of Monday's test until next week, but the measurements all looked normal. It wasn't performed by my regular doctor. We had to go to a special perinatal testing center, and the tech was one of those people you just can't get to smile. Thankfully the doctor was very nice. We'll be back there for the 20 wk scan.

Seeing the baby is more incredible every time. We got to see jumping, arm waving and maybe some thumb sucking! The baby is measuring three days ahead, my little overachiever.

Today was my normal four week OBGYN appointment. I got to hear the heartbeat (150bpm) again, that never gets old, adding to my desire to rent a doppler. It will probably be another seven weeks before I can feel the baby move, such a looong time. The only lich was in my previous blood work, I'm no longer immune from Rubella. So if you see me near a rashy looking child, you have to knock it out of my path and put a paper bag over it's head so it doesn't breath on me. What, that seems reasonable.

The gender debate, or not a debate since we are both firm in our opinions, continues. It really makes the knitting planning more difficult. There are so many preshus girrrrl baybee things, and not so much in the manly boy area. I did find a few gender neutral patterns that I actually like. My current favorite is The Vintage Car Coat.

I feel like I've popped out the last few days. I'm not sure a stranger would notice, but I am moving past the "she's chubby" stage and heading slowly toward the looking pregnant stage.

I'm happy, and a little smug. (Yes Lisa, I still think it's funny and I'm not bitter)
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