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Thursday, October 15, 2009


That's where I'm at, so there ya go.

~Family Drama seems to be letting up, kind of. At least the people who are important to me are back on good terms.

~I love my new-to-me laptop, I spent way too much time watching TV shows on Hulu over the weekend. Glee is my new favorite! Oh, and Flash Forward, which feeds my Lost craving.

~Reading and knitting are competing for my free time. I'm a few inches into the second FLS sleeve and I picked buttons. (purchased locally) It's been too gloomy to get a pic of them though.

~I got to see my former pilates teacher this week, I was amazed how much I missed her and her teaching style. I'll be back in her class next quarter, no matter what.

~I'm starting to feel the itch for the next knitting project, which should be Christmas knitting, considering I have three scarve requests.

~My mood has been so up and down, I have a complete lack of direction and passion for life right now.

~Already dreading the holidays. I used to love it and part of me still does, but it comes with stress now.
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