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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Huffman Historic Homes Tour

Last night my family took a tour of the Huffman Historic District. A Christmas tour of historic homes has been on our seasonal "to do" list for years and this is the first time we've actually done it. The tour was very informative and fulfilled the inner voyeur. I really admire people who are willing to let strangers go through their home for a weekend. Several even had snacks set out for us. The last house (pictured below) had a delicious dessert buffet and the added bonus of touring the, still in renovation, carriage house. I'm hoping these people will adopt me and let me live in the carriage house, two story beamed ceilings, perfect kitchen and a master suite are enough to keep me happy.

The only thing that I didn't enjoy was the over the top Christmas, and sometimes bizarre decorations throughout some of the homes. I understand trying to replicate the Victorian era style, but in many homes it was a distraction from the architecture, woodwork, and stained glass windows that I was most interested in.

The best part of the tour was the restoration of the closely knit community William Huffman intended when he founded this neighborhood in the 1800's.

St. Paul United Methodist Church (1883)

This church was used as a shelter during the 1913 flood.

My MIL, Mom and Dad
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