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Monday, November 17, 2008

Both Sides of People

In class today this amazingly ignorant woman announced that due to all the gay people in the world she didn't feel safe letting her daughter go to the womens restroom alone. As if all the lesbians in the world are just waiting to molest her precious offspring. I sat there in complete shock, sure I had heard her wrong. My friend Liz confirmed later that I hadn't. Geez.

I had the cutest/funniest conversation with a Walgreens cashier today. He reminded me of Coffee Guy, that silly sweetness. He told me all about how he was putting himself through school and all the pros and cons of working at Walgreens. Although I had gone in to buy Aleve to fight killer cramps, I came out smiling.

The good and bad I guess.
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I might not let my (non-existent) kid go to the bathroom alone, but it'd be because anyone could attack him/her. I hadn't thought specifically of 'the gay menace', and now that I have...

I think it's ridiculous. Lesbians just lining up to forcibly convert some little girl? Feels unlikely, somehow. :)

I often wonder how people don't recognize, as they say such stupid things, just how stupid their words truly are. But they never do, somehow.

November 19, 2008 at 2:15 PM  

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