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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Two Weeks Down

Some have been good, some not so much, but I have made it two weeks. Yay for me!

I am so madly in love with the Shalom, I'm almost afraid to say it. I didn't get as much done tonight as I had hoped since Lisa and I left early to go to Dolcessa and see Alex. No car trouble tonight, thank God. Alex is in such a good happy place right now, I hope he can stay there and add school back in next quarter. I want so much for him, but I know life is hard and rarely turns out the way you expect it to.

I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving and then Christmas is so close after that. The quarter is almost done and I am honestly just flat out relieved. It has been so much less stressful since dropping the math class. School feels completely endless right now, like I'm on a school treadmill where you never go forward, just on and on, while staying exactly where you were before.

(Off to knit a few more rows before bed)
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