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Monday, June 30, 2008

I admit it, I'm moping

Camron came to spend some time with me and say good bye. He leaves tomorrow and probably won't be home until next October (2009). I'm so much sadder now than I normally am when he leaves. It caught me off guard.

For a long time he seemed to be trying to mold himself into the Air Force life. This time he was more relaxed, more himself. He has gone through that evolution and come back.. Maybe a little more grown up, a little more confident, but inside still the guy I love.

I don't want that guy to leave.

I hate that his life is so far away. I hate that his family drove him away from here. I had let myself forget, let myself get used to him not being here.

We hugged and kissed good bye, holding on, knowing how long it would before we were together again. Knowing that life would happen, with all of it's joy and sadness. It was an intimate moment, full of love and closeness and understanding. It broke my heart to let him go.
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