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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No Death By Chocolate in This House

Molly is wild, curios and nosy. All these trait got her into trouble Monday night when she thought it would be an awesome idea to eat 8oz of Hershey's Cocoa kisses. I seemingly left the pantry door open, and boy do I feel awful that I didn't check it to make sure it was closed. She had already been very sick by the time we got home, so I thought she had most of it out of her system. I kept on her all evening and she couldn't even hold on to water. By midnight I was pretty worried, so I woke J up and we took her to the newly opened emergency vet by our house. Thank God they are there! Her little hear rate was up to 210 and she was starting to get dehydrated. (huge masses of guilt) They decided to keep her overnight and treat her, including IV fluids. When we came home without her I immediately started having an anxiety attack. I think I could hold it together until we came home to an empty house. Thankfully, I quickly got a grip, took a Lunesta, and slept. Our little chocolate fiend came home the next morning and although she is extra tired, she is otherwise ok. I am so grateful for how kind the vet and techs were and the excellent care Molly got there. Of course the first thing she did when she got homee was to look for any candy that she might have missed, ugg.
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